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Bonanza Realty
Professional Property Management
2825 Rose Street, Suite 202, Anchorage, Alaska 99508
(907) 333-1244   (907) 333-4614 fax

has been providing management services to homeowner associations and planned communities since 1978, longer than most other management companies have been in business. We design complete, detailed business plans to help you protect your investment in your home and neighborhood. Bonanza also provides consulting services to boards of directors, developers and builders in all aspects of community planning and government. How do you choose the right management company for your community, townhome or condo project?

Selecting the right management company is one of the most important decisions that you can make because how your community appears, and how it is managed, directly affects your resale values.You need smart, dependable people to help you control costs, manage effectively, and protect your investment in your home and your neighborhood. Bonanza gives you the experienced, dedicated personnel to accomplish what you need to get the job done.

Our Mission

Bonanza Realty's goal is to provide professional management services to it's client members. This entails providing efficient, fast, and accurate dissemination of information for the benefit and enhancement of it's client's goals and intents. Our purpose is to enhance the value of our client's property as well as providing a meaningful and enjoyable lifestyle in which our owners live and work.

Company Profile

Bonanza Realty has been managing community associations since 1978. Bonanza currently manages 95 condominium, townhouse, PUD, and single family associations in the greater Anchorage area comprising over 3400 homes, and numerous commercial and corporate property sites.

Bonanza has and will continue to provide professional management services to its clients with the most innovative concepts and enhancements technology can provide through continuing education and adherence to the highest standards in the industry. Although we may be small in size our goal is efficiency. We have honed our business to the point where everyone in the company will answer any question at any time for any caller. This way we can avoid the annoying messages left and call-backs that many company's require. Our goal is to provide answers to your questions at your convenience - not our's.


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